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Fallout 4 “Plunketts Duster REDUX”

Fallout 4 “Plunketts Duster REDUX” отзывы,описание, видео обзоры, репортажи

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Plunketts Duster

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Adds a duster, helm and suede gloves.

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Author’s instructions

Feel free to use the meshes/textures, please credit if released.

File credits

Thanks to: Bethesda, Obsidian, BAE, FO4edit, BodySlide (Outfit Studio), Material Editor, Nifskope, BAE, Blender, Gimp.

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Wasn’t planning on a making a duster anytime soon. I was half hoping, half daydreaming about making a replica of the Desert Ranger from Honest Hearts with the boots and jeans but thought it would be much later down the line.

Anyways. This outfit happened and here it is.

The duster has Damage Res of +33, Fire Res +25, Energy Res +7. +1 Agility, Perception and Strength. Base weight +9. Can add ballistic weave and suit lining at the Armourers Workbench.

The Helmet has +13 Damage Res, +1 Perception and Charisma. Weight +3, +15 Rad Resist. Also can add ballistic weave.

The gloves (I think) are Dam Res +2 and +1 End.

All items can be crafted at the Chemical Station under Utilities.

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