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Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter

Become an Overseer and manage your own Vault in this free-to-play simulation game. Keep your residents happy by providing them with food, water, and power. Ensure the survival of the people of your Vault. Play Fallout Shelter online.

What is Fallout Shelter?

Fallout Shelter online is a free-to-play simulation game. If you wondered how it would be to live in a post-apocalypse world wonder no further! This game was developed by famous Bethesda Game Studios. It is a part of a well-known Fallout series. You will be transported into a nuclear shelter. As a leader of the community, you will be responsible for the survival of the whole colony. Become the great Overseer and lead your colony to greatness. Don’t wait and check it out!

Download the app and play Fallout Shelter online!

How to play Fallout Shelter online?

In Fallout Shelter, you will take the role of an Overseer. That means you will be a leader of a community living in a Vault — a nuclear shelter. Your job will be to build the Vault and keep the people living inside happy. Sounds easy? Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. And saving the world is by no means an easy task! After you leed, the people to your Vault keeping them happy and meeting all their needs will be a hard task indeed. You will need to provide them with food, water, and power. Those are hard things to find in a world destroyed by nuclear catastrophe. At the same time, you will have to rescue people from outside so the number of citizens in your Vault will increase.

Your job in Fallout Shelter online would be managing all the people and resources in the game. You can assign citizens with tasks that will help generate resources. The important thing is building new structures that will help you generate resources f.ex. power. Your Vault will be growing all the time. You can build it forever because the game has no defined ending. This is the reason it would be a perfect game to play on your mobile and kill some time on a daily journey to work or school.

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If you played other Fallout games you will definitely remember the SPECIAL statistics system. Every character has its own unique SPECIAL profile. It affects their ability to generate different resources. The characters can level up over time and learn new skills that will help them to work for the good of the colony.

There are many ways to increase the number of people living in your colony. One of them is leading people from outside of the Vault to the save place. They will move to your Vault and help you in generating resources. But remember — repopulating Earth is a task every apocalypse survivor deals with. You can pair female and mail characters in your Vault and create new citizens for your colony.

Want to succeed in creating a colony? Here are Fallout Shelter tips you have to remember:

  • Balance resources such as food and water
  • Build different rooms in your Vault that will provide different items and stat bonuses
  • Remember to make wise decisions regarding a long time processes. The game gives you the possibility to finish them quicker but the risk of catastrophes such as fires is higher. Don’t use Fallout Shelter cheats! They will spoil the game!

What will you love about Fallout Shelter online:

  • The ability to save the population
  • Never-ending gameplay
  • Good strategic feel
  • It is free-to-play!
  • You can play Fallout Shelter via Vortex

You may also ask:

How long are dwellers pregnant in Fallout Shelter?

In Fallout Shelter, it takes 3 hours for the baby to be born. Remember — you don’t have to be in a game for that long. You can stop playing and come back after 3 hours.

How long does it take to train in Fallout Shelter online?

It depends on the dwellers SPECIAL stats. The higher the stats the longer it will take to train. You can’t train beyond level 10.

Can you play Fallout Shelter online on Mac?

You can play Fallout Shelter on every device: Mac, PC or mobile using Vortex. You can play on a smart tv and any other device that has Android.

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How do you get a Mr handy in Fallout Shelter?

Mr. Handy is an awesome character, but he is not immortal. His life will eventually end and there is no way to repair him. The only way to get him back is to review him after he dies. That costs 2000 caps.

Can I play Fallout Shelter unblocked with no download?

You don’t have to download Fallout Shelter or any other game. Just use Vortex and play using our apps. No more waiting for a game to install!

Fallout Shelter Online Is A Mobile RPG Exclusive For China!

Fallout Shelter is a game that was a spin-off for the mobile from the original Fallout PC games by Bethesda. The game has been launched since June 2015 and later announced their collaboration with Shanda Games to create Fallout Shelter Online for the mobile. Of course, licensed by Bethesda Softworks, the game seems to be another spin-off but out of Fallout Shelter.

Check out the beta test gameplay by HorseCheng below:

The game features gameplay from the original Fallout Shelter game where you populate your community, build facilities and expand your vault. However, this time you will be able to explore the map in Fallout and there are tons of quests to do as well.

Below are the features of the game:

Build, populate and explore

You will still be building and taking care of your Vault.

And you can still equip your dwellers with equipment to help them fend off thugs and most importantly, Deathclaws.

Dweller Recruiting

You will still be able to recruit Dwellers. Just like in Fallout Shelter, they all have stats but this time they have a rank system. The highest ranking from SSR to R and you can also collect the character shards to upgrade them.

Explore the map and do quests!

When you open up the map, there are many locations that you can explore. Once you tap in, you will arrive in the town where you can purchase items there or accept quests.

Each location will have a different environment as you explore, complete quests there and earn loot. It’s sort of like a dungeon exploration where you will also face the boss at the end of the stage.

Battle System

As the game is built to be an RPG for mobile, you will need to create a team of 5 for your exploration. Each of the characters will have their own skills which you will need to activate them manually when their power gauge is full. The characters will attack automatically so there’s no worries about that.

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Some explorations will require you to tap around the block spaces to move around and explore. While some explorations are stage based where you need to clear a number of waves (like 1/5 to 5/5) to complete it.

The limited beta test had recently ended from 31st July to 6th August. So we’ll have to wait for the next test or even the official launch if the game is ready. Though the game is only released exclusively for China, Bethesda just might launch it globally if we make our voices heard. Interested? Go and let Bethesda Softworks know!

You can also visit the official site for more information, or sign up for the game if you have a China phone number.

Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter
версия: 1.14.0
Жанр: Симулятор

Последнее обновление игры в шапке: 24.05.2019

Краткое описание:
Управляйте высокотехнологичным подземным убежищем.

Fallout Shelter дарит вам возможность управлять высокотехнологичным подземным убежищем от «Vault-Tec». Постройте лучшее убежище, сделайте его обитателей счастливыми, защитите их от опасностей пустоши.
Постройте светлое будущее. в подземелье! Выбирайте современные интерьеры и постепенно превращайте более 2000 футов пещер в идеальное подземное жилище.
Узнайте потребности своих подопечных и обеспечьте им счастливую жизнь. Подберите для них идеальные занятия, обеспечьте одеждой и оружием, обучайте их и тренируйте.
В хорошем убежище нужны специалисты с разными навыками. Постройте радиорубку, чтобы привлечь новых обитателей, или активно интересуйтесь личной жизнью своих подопечных – подбирайте удачные пары и благословляйте влюбленных!
Отправляйте обитателей своего убежища на поверхность, исследовать выжженную пустыню, где их ждут опасности и приключения, полезные находки или внезапная смерть. Ищите новую броню и оружие, набирайтесь опыта и зарабатывайте крышки! Главное, не позволяйте им погибнуть!
Время от времени идиллическую жизнь в убежище могут нарушать опасности, порожденные ядерной катастрофой. Обитатели убежища должны быть готовы защитить свой дом от угрозы, исходящей снаружи. или изнутри.

Сайт разработчика: https://fallout4.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.co…t.falloutshelter&hl=ru

Русский интерфейс: Да
Системные требования: Android 4.1+

Версия 1.13.18 mod: Fallout Shelter (Пост Giacomino #83533410)
Использование модификаций игры пользователи осуществляют на свой страх и риск. Жалобы, связанные с работоспособностью игры после применения модификаций, рассматриваться не будут.

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