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Far Cry 5 “Resistance mod”

Far Cry 5 – Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod v.3.24.2 – Game mod – Download

The file Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod v.3.24.2 is a modification for Far Cry 5, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file type Game mod

file size 205.7 MB

last update Tuesday, April 21, 2020

downloads (7 days) 264

Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod is a mod for Far Cry 5, created by ArmanIII and RtroActiv.

Description (in authors’ own words):

That Ubisoft stopped support game doesn’t mean we stop play it (as they think so).

At first – please read carefully entire description, we can avoid unnecessary comments and reports.

And please backup your original patch.dat patch.fat files. Of course you can get them by checking files in Uplay, but if you don’t want to download 9 GB.

Before installing this mod, please restore original patch.dat and patch.fat files.

It is recommended to change resistance points AFTER you liberate Dutch’s Island. It will work also in Dutch’s Island but you can experience problems in getting RP for final mission, so you can stuck there for hours.

You can use mod in any game version, but you can experience crashes, because it was tested and created only on / for v1.11

If you want to help develop the mod (searching in game files and testing changes in the game), you can. You will be listed in credits.

Mod was tested in coop (it means it working), but I am not responsible for problems that can get by using this mod.

Mod changes in the game (you don’t have to run them all, you can select what you want)

(it can be changed in patches)

Remove startup videos and epilepsy warnings

Add enemies after region is liberated

Unlocked outfits, weapons and vehicles

You can change resistance points as you want

Allow you to visit Veterans Center in Whitetail Mountains. Only youuuu.

Replaces New Game+ loading music with the Father’s theme – Build a Castle (Reinterpretation) (before start NG+ you need to be at Dutch’s Island).

Unlock all perks which have some requirements. Of course, not GFH.

Replace the nuke end main menu background to the original.

Faster parachute open (you don’t have to hold space, just press it).

Faith will not disappear when you approach to her. She also stay longer.

You are able to go inside Father’s statue without destroying it.

All outposts will have Eden’s Gate decorations also after liberating

Change time scale to: stopped, slow, fast, night is as long as day, etc.

NPCs will have randomly selected weapon. No more only AR-C.

Abillity to remove the Montana intro video

Unlocked weapons from beginning of the game (e.g. you don’t need to get xx level of resistance; of course you need to buy them :D)

Enterable John / Faith / Jacob bunkers

The Confession mission equipment fix (bug which Ubisoft never fixed)

Option to set hard difficulty same as Infamous (Hard = Infamous) + health will not regenerate

Experience Hope County in morning fog! Every morning from 3 AM to 7 AM.

Restore train from intro chase in Henbane River.

Spawn a NPC, assign it as pseudo-GFH, you can spawn also some unique characters

Disable depth of field (e.g. on weapons)

Radio will play also after you leave a car

Requested, possible and uncertain to-do list

reduce the amount of ammo in the game, reduce the amount of ammo that player can carry

advanced scope slower aim sensitivity

add more loot counts, edit bullet dammage (e.g. 50.cal should one hit an amoured enemy with a headshot)

increase the health of flamethrowers and machine gunners, increase the cooldown of the weapon 2 times, reduce gg health by 2 times, increase the strength of the body armor

add more “health” to vehicles

enemies NPC bleed rate, more resistent if wounded

corpse stay longer

GFH will not die

reduce animals attacks

remove GFH idle chatter

Hours of Darkness health regen disable

Unlocked whole map from beginning (not sure about that)

Special Delivery mission before John’s region liberate

Replace music with ND music (during battle, menu)

Mix resistance radio musics in Holland Valley and Henbane River

Cancelled to-do list

more enemies / waves at outposts – more enemies not spawning; also, unknown binary structure of a file

dead bodies will stay after you liberate an outpost – when the file, which remove bodies, is edited, the game simply doesn’t load it, so outpost cannot be liberated

remove out of bounds – cannot be done; yes, it is possible to increase timer (adds 10% of out of bounds area), but if you go further, you’re imediately returned back, so there is second “wall” which I don’t know how to remove

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Drubman Marina and US Auto don’t have cult music after liberating – still don’t known why

Some content is still locked – I have done some live events, so for me they are unlocked; if you have some locked, write to comments

Some objects at outposts can be overlaped with cult decorations – this cannot be fixed – file has unknown binary structure

So, Ubisoft decided to abandon this awesome game, so it’s time to edit things that were created badly – exactly resistance points, no more live events to unlock contant to the game.

This mod doesn’t contain files like download-copy-play. You will get some source files and program that allow you to edit and pack game sources. It is due to stup*** Ubisoft decision about game files sizes. So file that must be edited has 9 GB – who want to download 9 GB every time for every mod? So I and my co-author created mod and program that is much smaller than patch.dat. Also, by this way you can select what you want in the game.

Program inside mod is used to select features of this mod and insert them into the game.

How to use mod (you can also see “Installation and usage” video)

When you download zip, unpack it and run FC5_PatchMergeComplete.exe.

There is text box with path to patch.fat file. Click to . on end of line and find your game directory, then go to data_finalpc and select patch.fat file.

If you selected it, field will change color to green.

Next, there is list of changes. You can select what you want by clicking on each item, green means it will be inserted to the game. Every item changes an other thing in the game.

If you want edit resistance points as you want, check “Use My Custom” and click to “Edit My Rewards”. In the opened window there are some buttons – predefines. You can select one of them or set your own values in list under buttons. After you set values, click to “OK”.

To apply changes in game you must click to “File” and to “Patch the Patch”.

After the packing process is finished, you can close the program and run game.

If you need help or have any ideas, just write to comments.

How to use time scale tweaks

There are 5 files which are changing time scale (speed) of day, sunrise, sunset and night. As we know in FC5 nights are 2X faster than days, so you can use one of these tweak to make night as long as day.

There are these options:

Days and nights have the same scale.

You can use one tweak which allow you to change time speed in the game. You just press key and time scale will change. Ideal if you don’t want to wait whole night to day.

So, now keybindings:

NUM 0 – time is stopped

NUM 1 – normal (default)

NUM 2 – 10X faster

NUM 3 – increase time by one hour

NUM 4 – decrease time by one hour

If you want another keys, just write to comments, I’ll help you.

How to use spawner

Spawner is for spawning a NPC 😀

If you press Num 5, a random NPC will spawn near you. If you press Num 5 again, NPC will be deleted and new random NPC will spawn. If you press Num 5 for 1 sec, spawned NPC will be deleted.

If you press Num 6 spawned NPC will follow you. So it will be as pseudo-GFH, but you can’t order the NPC – go there, fire etc.

If you press Num 7, basic GFH will spawn (Jess, Hurk, . ) and also some unique characters like Jerome, Pratt, Hudson, Burke, Earl, Jacob Seed, John Seed, Joseph Seed. If you press Num 7 for 1 sec, spawned NPC will be deleted.

If you press Num 8, a random Peggie will be spawned and will be assigned as GFH. If you press Num 8 for 1 sec, spawned NPC will be deleted.

If you press Num 9, Faith hallucination will be spawned. Ideal for taking pictures 😉

How to use flashlight

– it reuses the Radio On/Off button so it’s remappable ingame

– the flashlight function is disabled while in vehicles so you can still toggle the radio (afterall you already have the vehicle’s headlights)

– it automatically turns off the flashlight if you enter a vehicle while it’s on (and automatically turns it on again when you exit it)

– plays the proper flashlight On and Off sounds when toggling it

Random NPC Weapons

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Some another random weapons for NPC. So they will have:

Assaulter – AR-C, 45/70, MS16, AK-47, AK-M, BP-2, M16A1, MP5, MP5SD, MP5k, MP40, Vector .45 ACP, MP34, BZ19 (pistol D50)

Sniper – AR-CL, 308 Carbine, MBP .50, SA-50, SVD (pistol D50)

Pistoler – 1911, .44 Magnum, P226, D50, M9, P08

Shotguner – M133, SBS, SPAS-12, 1887, D2 (pistol D50)

Machine gunner – M60, M249, MG42, M60V

Rocket – A-99, Skorpion, SMG-11

Hunter – Compound Bow, Recurve Bow

Random NPC Weapons 1911

Same as “Random NPC weapons”, but NPC will have 1911 instead of D50.

Random NPC Weapons Preset 1

Some another random weapons for NPC. So they will have:

Assaulter – MS-16, AK-47, AK-M, M-16 (pistol P226)

Sniper – SVD, MBP .50 (pistol M9)

Pistoler – .44 Magnum “Cannon”

Shotguner – 1887, SBS, SPAS-12 (pistol D50)

Machine gunner – M60V, MG-42, M249

Random NPC Weapons Preset 2

Some another random weapons for NPC. So they will have:

Assaulter – AK-47, MP-40, MP-34 (pistol M9)

Sniper – SVD (pistol P08)

Pistoler – P08, M9, .44 Magnum

Shotguner – SBS, 1887 (pistol D50)

Machine gunner – MG-42, M60V

Random NPC Weapons Preset 3

Same as 1 but M16 is changed to AR-C.

Random NPC Weapons Murica

Same as 1 but NPC will not have AKs, BZ, SVD, .

JRavens – idea to make mod for FC5

Schrotflinte12 – weapon FOV mod

RtroActiv – programs for packing

ArmanIII (me, uploader) – edited game files and other game changes

Gibbed – tools for Far Cry

Ekey – FC5 unpacker

Community – for patience with bugs and desire to play FC5 with this mod

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Far Cry 5 “Resistance mod”

Огромная компиляция модов для FC5 которые меняют разные аспекты игры.
Имеется установщик с описанием каждой функции и частичный русский интерфейс(основное переведено,описание модов-нет но там и так всё понятно)
Также имеется редактор оружия который позволяет изменить характеристики любого оружия.
Вот краткий список изменений переведенный мною с Nexusmods

  • Оставляет врагов в регионе даже после освобождения
  • Удаляет стартовые ролики
  • Открывает все скины,оружия и транспорт
  • Можно изменить количество получаемых очков сопротивления
  • Вы можете посетить Центр Ветеранов
  • Заменяет музыку меню в состоянии New game+ на другую
  • Разблокирует все перки
  • Заменяет меню в NG+ в стиле Пост-апокалипсис на стандартное
  • Быстрое открытие паршюта(не нужно удерживать кнопку,достаточно одного нажатия)
  • Вера не исчезает если к ней подойти
  • Можно войти в статую отца после её уничтожения
  • Все аванпосты остаются в своём первоначальном дизайне даже после освобождения
  • Изменение хода времени(медленно,медленнее,быстрее и т.д)
  • НПС можно вооружить любым оружием
  • Пропуск начального видео о Монтане при начале новой игры
  • Открывает всё оружие с самого начала игры(вам не нужно набирать очки сопротивления)
  • Разблокирует бункеры Веры,Джозефа,Иакова
  • Убирает DOF на оружии
  • Радио продолжает играть даже когда вы вышли из машины
  • Защита аванпоста-мини миссия которую можно на нём запустить
  • Флажки на автомобилях как на презентации E3
  • Перевод на турецкий для игры
  • Возможность улучшать перки даже в обычной компании(не нужно начинать NG+)
    И так далее
    Как я уже писал это всё настраивается и можно не ставить не нужные твики
    Несколько скриншотов для общего ознакомления-ниже

проблемка возникла, устанавлевал на пиратку с полностю пройденым сюжетом

Нет дело не в трейнере,я ставил на любую сохранку.
Попробуй удалить папку(Temp)путь Admin/AppData/Local/Temp
Обязательно нужно что бы мод увидел файл игры patch.fat.
Установка и использование с нексуса
Мод использует удобный инсталлятор для выбора пакетов мод и установить их в игру. Установщик локализована на нескольких языках, есть встроенный в справочной системе и краткой вики моддинга терминов.
Скачать зип , распаковать его и запустить FC5ModInstaller.exe.
Нажмите на поле «Выберите patch.fat файл . » найти каталог установки игры, перейдите по пути: data_final пк и выберите файл patch.fat. Таким образом, можно указать рабочую папку для установки.
Установщик сделает резервную копию файлов (9 Гб). Обязательно согласен. Если что-то пойдет не так, вы всегда можете восстановить исходное состояние игры (кнопка «Восстановить»).
Выберите нужные пакеты в списке (выбранные пакеты помечены желтой рамкой и ✓). Если выбранный пакет будет выделен красным цветом, это означает, что есть пакет конфликт, эти пакеты не могут быть включены в то же время. Прокрутите список, найдите противоречивый пакет и вывести его из строя.
Установите пакеты с помощью кнопки «Установить».
Играть в игру.
Примечание: пункты 1, 2 и 3 должны быть завершены только при первом запуске программы установки.
Чтобы установить сторонние или собственные пакеты, автор просто перетащить файл пакета с расширением .a3 на окно установки. Подтвердите установку, не забудьте выбрать он в списке и установить.

В разделе под названием «Базовые пакеты» есть пакеты , которые не изменяют какие – либо видимые вещей в игре, эти пакеты нужны другие пакеты. Они должны быть включены по умолчанию.

Обновление моды
Если новая версия мода выходит, вы должны загрузить его, потому что могут быть исправлены важные ошибки.

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Как обновить моды
Перейти на мод сайт и скачать последнюю версию.
Разархивируйте загруженный файл. Не перезаписывать OLD VERSION .
Скопируйте settings.xml файл из старой версии на новую версию.
Запустите Mod Installer и нажмите на кнопку Установить.
Обновление завершено.
Примечание: Обновление полностью зависит от вас – если вы не хотите новую версию, вам не нужно обновлять мод.

Быстрые исправления
Если вы хотите использовать моды, вам нужна версия игры 1.011 или последнюю игру патч 1,014
Если у вас есть ваша игра установлена ​​в папку «Program Files», запустить Mod Installer в качестве администратора.
Если у вас есть Windows 7 и Mod Installer не хочет , чтобы начать, пожалуйста , загрузите KB2533623 для Windows 7.
Если Mod Installer постоянно падает, выключение все приложения, такие как RivaTuner.
Если у вас возникли проблемы с запуском Mod Installer, попробуйте удалить папку “C: Users AppData Local Temp .net FC5ModInstaller”. Это возможно ошибка в .NET Ядра, которая может быть исправлена ​​только Microsoft.
Если вы установили моды, и он получил сброс на втором прогоне, пожалуйста, проверьте, если Uplay или пара не проверена игровые файлов. Если да, то отключение автоматического обновления.

Installed the Resistance Mod for FC5-PC this weekend; Much improves the game.

For starters, I played and beat FC5 on the PS4, and again months later on the PC(stock). Its one of my favorite FarCry games; the setting, the soundtrack, and supporting characters, I love it.

. . . But those forced story missions are a real problem. You don’t feel like you have breathing room. Narratively, you should finish certain side missions before taking out the Seeds. When you don’t, its awkward at best, plot breaking at worst. The Resistance Mod, among other things, reduces most of the miscellaneous RP gain significantly. Killing Cultist VIPs and the like, are reduced to single digit RP gains. It dramatically alters the game, IMO. You really don’t have to worry about filling that RP meter by simply killing the endless deluge of Cultists that populate the world.

Its more fun now. There’s breathing room. You feel compelled to complete the various side missions and character missions, without having to worry about the game forcing you into the mandatory missions. Rough estimate, it should double the length of the game, maybe a little more. My first playthrough of FC5 on the PC clocked it at

17hrs, and I’m already past that mark just clearing John Seed’s region and backing up Hope County Jail.

Side tracking a bit, I haven’t seen any FarCry fans claim to like those mandatory story missions and UbiSoft wisely dropped them in New Dawn. But I also read a lot of loathing for the number treadmill that New Dawn introduced, with active dislike of the ‘RPG elements’. And I agree, if you use a weapon from a tier lower than the opponent’s tier, you might as well be shooting spitwads. This number treadmill isn’t what an RPG is, however. I loved the concept of the Prosperity base, its upgrades, and the experts required to build it, as well as the Expeditions. I’d like to see Ubisoft drop that number treadmill in the next FarCry, but expand the ‘home base’ concept, with some branching dialog, and divergent mission lines. Give the player a home base that can be built and customized in divergent ways, enabling specific gameplay aspects. If Ubi wants to add ‘RPG elements’, introduce characters(GFH) that have an arc . . . an arc that the player can influence. It’d be easy to add romantic interests into this backdrop as well. Have the players actions alter the potential ending. Even if its just a ‘Good, Evil, Neutral’ type ending . . . though I suppose ‘Lawful, Chaotic, Neutral’ ending types would fit better into the FarCry archetype.

IMO, these would be better improvements than watching a stream of numbers pop out of an NPC’s body as you pump a dozen magazines worth of ammunition into them. Or watching Jacob’s hunters put an arrow into your thigh while you fly an propeller fighter plane over Hope Country. At least in the Metro 2033 games, they straight up tell you that the ammunition loaded in the Metro is of vastly inferior quality to the pre-war ammunition. It makes it a little more bearable when you empty a couple magazines into a mutant twice your size.

I know we’ve been hearing some rumors for the next Assassins Creed title, of which the Viking era sounds awesome. But I don’t think we’ve heard anything at all, rumor or otherwise, on the next mainline FarCry game. I think I read somewhere that UbiSoft planned to skip a year with FarCry?

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