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Resident Evil 2 “F00X Leon Pack (Beard, Casual, Uniform) 4K”

Resident Evil 2 “F00X Leon Pack (Beard, Casual, Uniform) 4K”

Перевести · A mod manager for modifying PAK files in Resident Evil 2 Remake . 12.9MB ; 4.7k– Fluffy Manager 5000. Models and Textures. Uploaded: 21 Mar 2019 . Last Update: 03 Apr 2020. . This mod adds a Battlesuit for Claire like the one used by Jill in Resident Evil 5. 32.4MB ; 1.8k– Claire

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Перевести · Resident Evil 2 (2019) close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. . This mod contains adult content. You can turn adult content on in your preference, if you wish . VORTEX. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods.


Перевести · 14.04.2019 · RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE – CLAIRE FULLY NAKED MOD [+18 . and also tutorial on how to install the mod.. Resident Evil 2 Remake is a survival horror . RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE: CLAIRE NUDE MOD .


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Перевести · Resident Evil 2 (2019) Brightness Fix. A basic brightness fix for resident Evil 2 (2019). Made for people who are either not satisfied with …

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Перевести · 28.02.2019 · Yet ANOTHER Top 10 Claire Redfield costume Mods Resident evil 2 Remake – Duration: 12:59. U4G 72,737 views. 12:59. Resident Evil 2 Remake – Claire

  • Автор: Um Nerd Insano
  • Просмотры: 28 тыс.

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Перевести · 15.01.2020 · Yet ANOTHER Top 10 Claire Redfield costume Mods Resident evil 2 Remake – Duration: 12:59. U4G 72,879 views. 12:59. Napalm Plays: Resident Evil 2

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Перевести · 13.03.2019 · Resident Evil 2 (2019) close. Games. videogame_asset My games. . Remember if you use the neckless versions of darkside install the normal version Beautiful Reality Face – Claire 2.0. If you use the versions with highneck, . It is compatible with any Claire mod

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Перевести · 29.01.2020 · Resident Evil 2 Claire Mod Gameplay Part 1 Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. Players control police officer Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire .

  • Автор: Orson Prime
  • Длительность видео: 21 мин.
  • Просмотры: 128 тыс.

F00X Leon Pack (Beard, Casual, Uniform) 4K Update! V2.3

Post by F00X on Mar 7, 2019 0:29:32 GMT 10

Hey! Guess who’s back?

I couldn’t stop myself from digging around in Leon’s files afterall. I promptly got inspired to do some work on him. This also gave me the opportunity to finally practice texturing beards! That probably would’ve been too weird for Claire so. that didn’t happen. I also now know how to normal map. It was a painful process but his beard actually has depth and is not just painted on! (Screens below)

T hanks again to engemoui , who I just can’t seem to stop nagging with modding questions. Seriously man, you help out a lot.
Thanks to MaVeRicK and Zethras for testing a (very) early version of the beard. Hope you guys like the addition of the normal maps!
As always, thanks to Crazy Potato and FluffyQuack for the tools and guides.

This is a brothermod to F00X Claire.

On to the mod folks!

This mod offers various customization options for our rookie cop. You can pick and choose what you want or get the (Complete) pack.

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– A wild beard (gets dirty over time and has true depth with normal maps).
– A new casual outfit. A dark brown jacket with a cozy red shirt. The shirt’s his favorite.
– A new uniform. He wears his vest and gear on top of his favorite shirt. Serve and protect with style (supports dirt build-up).
– Facial adjustments and touch-ups (comes with the beard).
– All this reflected in costume-select*.
– Alternative beards have been added as of V2.2. You can select those in the “Alternative beards” folder.

*Only in the complete pack. This is compatible with F00X Claire at this stage. Sadly will the picture showing both Claire and Leon still only show Claire. I plan on fixing that in the future. Not sure how I can make it modular so it works for everyone and every combination. I’ll think of something.

All textures are now available in 4K! You can select which version you want in the download.

It’s for use with the fluffy mod manager. It is also again compatible with any other mod except ones that modify the same textures. FYI, the face textures include the eye textures in Leon’s case. So this won’t be compatible with any eye mod for Leon.

I am planning to add more content to this mod. 2-3 more beard styles for example would be a great addition. If you have a preferred beard style that you’d like to see added, let me know! Same thing for eye colors. I’ll probably give F00X Claire the same treatment; offering more options for eye colors.

The idea of Leon wearing his favorite shirt and just keeping it on with his gear was one of the first ideas that came to me. I do really like how the look turned out. I welcome feedback to that! I understand if you don’t like the color scheme or the fact that he wears a casual shirt with his police uniform.

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Concerning his beard, this was the first time I ever really textured a beard. I think it turned out decent. It was also the first time I ever touched normal maps so it is possible that the beard will not look perfect in certain conditions. From my testing (which I did a lot of!) it seemed to be performing very well in all kinds of light-conditions. Let me know if you find something off.

We meet again. Thanks for coming this far! I appreciate every single comment I get and trust me when I say that I read every single addition to the thread. If you’d like something added to the mod or have a request (within reason) there’s a good chance you’ll be heard. Also let me know about any bugs/oddities you find so I can fix them ASAP.

Please give feedback if you can. I appreciate positive feedback as much as critique. Both F00X Packs have been a passion project and of course, there’s always room to get better.

– Added 4K textures for (almost) everything. Exempt from this are tiny textures for Leon’s casual outfit. (trust me, they aren’t worth it)
– Normal maps are still 2K because the game throws a tantrum if I politely ask it to use 4K normals.
– Adjusted Leon’s face normal maps.
– No comparisons yet. I’m lazy like that.
– Added the noir beard to the “bonus” folder in the download. (2K and 4K)

– Added two new beard styles. “Goatee” and “Soul Patch”.
– Added preview screenshots for the new beard styles.

– Added UI options for the “normal” costumes picture. This now allows for maximum immersion when using both F00X Leon and F00X Claire.

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