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Скины для The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac моды

Здесь вы можете скачать моды к игре The Binding of Isaac и его дополнениям: Afterbirth+, Afterbirth, Rebirth.
Для установки модов в версии Rebirth и Afterbirth нужно переместить файлы мода в папку с игрой «..The Binding of Isaac XXXresources»
Для установки модов в дополнении Afterbirth+ нужно поместить моды в папку «C:Users<ВАШ_ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬ>DocumentsMy GamesBinding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods» и активировать мод в игре.

The Binding of Isaac мод Quarry

  • 26.10.2017

Мод Quarry для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет новую локацию. В нее можно войти с пещер и катакомб. Мод добавляет: 16 […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Genesis Revived

  • 21.10.2017

Для работы модов нужно дополнение Afterbirth+. Genesis+ Revived Мод добавляет новые предметы, карты, персонажей, боссов, спутников, комнаты и многое другое. ▼ Скачать […]

The Binding of Isaac мод HD Contrast Shader Pack

  • 21.10.2017

Мод HD Contrast Shader Pack для The Binding of Isaac — изменяет цветовую гамму игры. Теперь игра не настолько мрачная и имеет […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Isaac Souls

  • 20.10.2017

Мод Isaac Souls для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет объекты из игры Dark Souls. Добавлено: Новый персонаж Новый босс Новые предметы […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Alphabirth Pack 3 The End Times

  • 15.11.2017

Мод Alphabirth Pack 3: The End Times для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет новый контент 20 новых предметов 7 новых типов […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Water Balloon

  • 12.09.2017

Мод Water Balloon для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет пассивный предмет, изменяющий тип слез. При попадании водяного баллона во врага, баллон […]

The Binding of Isaac мод The Drawn

  • 10.09.2017

Мод The Drawn для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет новую возможность для каждого персонажа, а именно возможность рисовать разные предметы и […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Loadout

  • 09.09.2017

Мод Loadout для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет возможность открывать панель которая отображает все предметы игры с учетом добавленных модами. Можно […]

The Binding of Isaac мод More Bombs

  • 08.09.2017

Мод More Bombs для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет 6 новых бомб в игру. летающая бомба — синяя бомба. При взрыве […]

The Binding of Isaac мод 11 new items

  • 15.11.2017

Мод 11 new items для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет 11 новых предметов в игру. Активные предметы: Cursed D6 — меняет […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Model Rocket

  • 06.09.2017

Мод Model Rocket для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет предмет который изменяет свойства полета снарядов. Теперь снаряды летят с ускоряющеюся скоростью полета. […]

The Binding of Isaac мод Vortex Orb

  • 28.08.2017

Мод Vortex Orb для The Binding of Isaac — добавляет активный предмет «The Vortex Orb». Шар имеет 2 заряда. Он наносит урон […]

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The Binding of Isaac мод sprite overhaul

  • 15.11.2017

Мод sprite overhaul для The Binding of Isaac — улучшает спрайты врагов и предметов. 19 противников с новыми спрайтами (Drowned Hive, Drowned […]

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Mods

If you’re a modder and want to host your files on GameWatcher, please use our file uploader.

Latest mods

Boss Challenges [Apocalypse]

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

How would it feel if the shoe was on the other foot and the tables were turned, you say? Well we’re glad you did (or should have). This mod puts the power in your hands by giving you the ability to play as the bosses of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth! It’s your turn to run amok and wreak havoc in over ten new challenges featuring a single playable boss in each!

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Straight out of his role in fellow hard-as-nails game The End of Nigh comes the enigmatic and creepy Ash! This mod makes Ash a selectable character. Select him and you’ll start with black hearts, bombs, a How to Jump manual, and a Cartridge! Hopefully Ash will have better luck here than in his own unforgiving world.


  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Bombby might not be the most menacing. save for the fact that he’s a sentient bomb. That said, he has fears just like one! He doesn’t want to blow up for just anything! He’ll run away from enemies and fires and then explode from time to time! However, sometimes, Bombby will find his resolve and chase your enemies down. Whatever happens, Bombby will be by your side. Just take good care of Bombby, okay?

Lil Vis (New Familiar)

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Lil Vis may not look like much – It is a disembodied torso after all – but it sure does pack a punch! This mod adds the Lil Vis familiar. Once gained, this little pal will float around, opening up and shooting blood beams at any enemies unfortunate enough to walk into its line of sight. Bring them into range and let Lil Vis rip!

Satanic Ritual

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Nothing like a little sacrifice to get to where you’re going right? This mod adds the Satanic Ritual that allows you to sacrifice your familiars to the devil to receive devil items. What you get depends on what and how much you sacrifice. Give up a holy familiar and the devil will be overjoyed, rewarding you even further. Sure you’ll be no better than Mom, but it’s survival down here. right?

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Familiar Doll

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Now here’s something to bring out the familiar in all of your enemies. This mod adds the Familiar Doll trinket. With it, bosses have a chance of randomly dropping items thematic to their being. Monstro will drop his tooth or little Monstros. Pestilence will drop Leprosy and other sickness related items. Each boss has a certain drop that might take the place of their usual drops. Will you get lucky?


  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Isn’t it better to make peace instead of war? We think so. This modder does too. That’s why they added the Condolences item! With this handy little rose, you can form contracts with enemies and bosses to make friends. They will fight at your side and can only die to other enemies. Keep in mind you can only have one of each enemy type and can’t kill your friends. Utilize your pals and remember their strengths and weaknesses!

Questing of Isaac

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Looking for new and elaborate ways to challenge yourself and test your skills at Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth? This mod will lend you more than what you need. It brings a staggering 102 new challenges to the game, testing player skills on any number of fronts, including using certain items, killing certain enemies, overcoming different handicaps, and more. Can you complete all of them?

Security Blanket

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

When the world seems frightening and looming, you know your old security blanket will always have your back and keep you safe. This mod adds the Security Blanket as an item, healing one red heart and granting one soul heart when obtained. If that wasn’t enough, when entering a boss room, your Security Blanket will grant the Holy Mantle’s effect to soak up one free hit. Quite a bit more than a comfort zone to hold on to during bed time.

Expanding 06 – Uriel

  • [Mod]
  • Posted over 2 years ago

Get ready to embrace purity as you make your death march through the cellars. This mod introduces a new playable character in the form of Uriel. Uriel is a small angel boy with divine powers. He has a little pure familiar that helps him fight and can call down heavenly beams. More than that, if you can remain frugal and not spend on wanton items, Uriel actually grows stronger for your vow of poverty. Use it to your advantage and challenge the depths for the purity of little Uriel’s soul.

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Mod your Isaac today.

Modding of Isaac is a mod database website for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and it’s expansion, Afterbirth. Modders can submit their mods and players can download and subscribe to mods to be notified when they are updated. The site uses an artstyle based on the game, and contains many useful features and cosmetics with more stuff being added frequently. The site is maintained by noodle and our awesome volunteer moderators!

Please use this group’s discussion forums if you find any bugs or have an idea you want to suggest. We also have a Modding Lounge for those looking to create a mod team, discuss mods, and otherwise talk about anything related to Rebirth modding.

If you’d like to keep updated with the latest going-ons, we have our social pages.

Discord [discord.gg] – Join the discussion, chat with the community.
Facebook [facebook.com] – See all the new featured mods, and other promotional stuff.
Twitter – For behind the scenes with the creator and other nonsense.
Patreon [patreon.com] – Support the site costs and get some rewards in return!

Hello. It’s been a while. Quick update on the future of Modding of Isaac.

This month, I will be moving the website to a new web server. That will require some downtime, so I will make a future announcement some time on when that will happen. Hopefully the process will be smooth, and if not you can report any oddities to me for fixing.

This year will (likely) see the release of Repentance, the (likely) final expansion for the game. For that, I’m looking to update the website to add support for Repentance mods, improve the authentication process for owning the game, add a link to the workshop (possibly per-mod page too), and fix a couple common bugs. If there are any specific changes or fixes you’d like to see made to the site, now is the time to let me know. You can do so on Steam, Discord, or directly to me.

Lastly, I was thinking of having some official modding contests, maybe based around themes. Would there be interest in this at this point in time? I’d love to hear feedback.

Hey guys, if you own the game on Steam but are unable to download mods, this post is here to help you out.

On April 10th Steam rolled out some new profile privacy settings which has added an extra step to downloading mods from our site for most of you. Here’s the easy fix.

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